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Over the past fifteen months, teachers and schools heroically adapted their instruction, using technology in innovative ways to ensure students were getting the best education possible via distance learning. The reality, however, is that there’s simply no match for in-person school. Research on LAUSD students has revealed a concerning picture: students have suffered significant learning loss as a result of Covid, creating a “Knowledge Gap” that could set students back years if it goes unaddressed. The good news? Closing this Knowledge Gap is achievable. Here are two things we recommend: IDENTIFY THE GAP: Have an earnest conversation with your student. Create a safe space for them to tell you if they feel behind in certain subjects. Ask if there were any specific classes where they found themselves distracted or drifting away from the lesson. Let your student know: this is normal! MAKE A PLAN: There are many wonderful resources out there, from online math games to instructional videos to workbooks; of course, we believe nothing compares to the effectiveness of one-on-one customized attention! At Ivy Method, our tutors can identify your child’s Knowledge Gaps and ensure they enter school next fall ahead of the curve in all of their academic subjects, from Algebra I to elementary reading to US History to sixth grade science.


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