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Student Paper Writing

College Essay Support

Selective colleges are looking for students to write unique, specific, and personal stories; admissions officers are bored to tears reading “The day I won the big sports game!” narratives. Our tutors can guide your child to dig deep and find stories that convey personality in a way that is genuinely appealing to secondary schools or colleges.

College Campus

Our Track Record

The results speak for themselves: our tutors have helped students across the country gain admission into highly selective high schools and colleges, including Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Stanford, Tufts, UCLA, UCSD, NYU, Scripps, and Washington University in St. Louis. We've also helped students gain admission to Harvard-Westlake, Brentwood, Crossroads, Windward, Archer, Marlborough, and New Roads at the secondary school level. As former admissions interviewers and trained guidance professionals, we know what colleges are looking for in an application, and can help your child put together an application package that shines.

Mock Interviews

Two big secrets:

1) The admissions interview is much more important than many admissions officers let on. It’s a way for schools to filter out students who lack deep passions or self-awareness. (A Harvard admissions officer once described the interview as a “jerk test.”) A good interview won’t get you in, but a bad interview will keep you out.

2) You MUST prepare for the interview. Our unique Mock Interview Session is split into two parts: A 30 minute Mock Interview followed by a 30-45 minute debrief. For younger students applying for middle school admission, we invite parents to attend a portion of the debrief so they can help a student with further preparation for the interview. Co-founder Michael Robin conducts all Mock Interviews himself, drawing on his experience as a former admissions interviewer for Harvard.

Informational Interview
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